Eagle Boys Pizza – delight for pizza lovers

Eagle Boys an Australian fast food chain specialising in Italian-American cuisine was founded in 1987. It first opened its India in Delhi in 2012 and 4 stores later its has opened in Kolkata. I have been longing to come to this place for quite sometime now.

Location: We went there today as we heard a lot about this place. It is located in a very accessible place it is on EM Bypass near Ruby more . If you are coming from Garia side you need to cross ruby more and it will fall on your left hand side. Its visible from the main road.

Feel & Ambiance- It has a spacious yet decent sitting capacity around 20 people. Speaking about this store it does not look like it belongs to a chain of restaurants it looks like a rather simply decorated hangout pad which focuses more into creating magic on a pizza pan.

We were around 11 foodies waiting to dig on the food and I was astonishingly amazed by the super fast service provided to us. It was super fast and we had to ask for a quick pause in between our order. Its usually tough to serve 11 foodie but Eagle Boys Pizza kolkata makes the job look easy.

We had had a ton of stuff at eagle boys pizza, while enjoying a sip of passion fruit mojito while the music bustled with chartbuster songs which were pleasant to hear yet not being too loud.


  • Onion Green Chili garlic bread – It is their take on the usual garlic bread with the the kick of green chili and a Breveragemoderate use of onion underlining the layer below the hot melted cheese crust which is all resting over a crisp yet moist bed of bread. They serve 4 pieces in a serving. Every single bite of this simulates all your taste buds due to the uniqueness of this dish.
  • Twisted Seekh Kebab Roll – This is another unique offering of Eagle Boys Pizza. Its a seekh kebab with a twist, literally that is the only way I can best explain this. A seekh kebab is covered with a toll of twisted dough and then baked till it is soft and crispy. They serve 4 piece of these mouth watering rolls in every serving.


  • Chicken Mexicana – This pizza has mexican flavours to it with the abundance of cheese oozing and sticking out of the pizza. One bite of this gooey slice of pizza and i could understand that it has a lot of cheese. The pizza was amazingly soft. Its like the perfect cheese burst pizza one can taste. Except for the cheese and the dough Mexicana tastes like a usual pizza.
  • Chicken Keema – Chicken Keema Pizza this is probably my favourite of the lot. Keema Pizza was just outstanding it has an indian touch to the pizza. Freshly prepared soft dough having the most unusual combination with keema with a generous portion of cheese. All the ingredients of this pizza compliments one another. The perfect combination for pizza. If you are coming here do not miss out to try Chicken Keema Pizza.
  • Garlic Prawn – This pizza was delectable and just out of the world. I never had prawn pizza before probably the perfect pizza to start off my prawn pizza journey. The crust was a bit thin in comparison to the other pizzas. This was also not cheese burst pizza but the cheese was more than one can expect.


Beverage –

  • Passion Fruit Mojito – Not only does this look phenomenal but also tastes very refreshing and it is able to break all the cheesiness of the pizza.


  • Triple Chocolate Sweetza – Who said you can’t have pizza for dessert if you had pizza for your main course. We had this amazing dessert. A good portion of chocolate sauce over a pizza crust with white and dark chocolate chips thats what makes for the perfect dessert I want to have everytime I come here. I couldn’t resist this so we had to ask for more for everyone.

Pizza of this place is top notch. The boys at eagle boys are very open to suggestion and innovation.It has set a benchmark which is hard to break for its amazingness.Twisted Seekh Kebab Roll & Triple Chocolate Sweetza for these 2 I can bet you won’t be able to settle for one you will want to order one more. The hospitality is amazing the servers always serve with a smile. Chicken Keema Pizza is recommended this is now my personal favourite pizza. Will be visiting this place soon for this and try the other varieties of pizza.

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Pre-Diwali @ India Restaurant

Indian cuisine has its influences from various cuisines, it is known for its spices and diverse traditions & belief. It has a very unique taste. India Restaurant offers a piece of this diverse traditional cuisine and luxuriant history on a plate.
Location- India restaurant is located in Khiderpore area. It is just opposite fancy market.
Interior & Ambience- It has a open ground floor take away, we climbed the stairs to find royalness in every nook and corner of its decor. The first floor has a waiting area and a dinning area. I headed to the second floor. We occupied the first table overlooking the main road. This spacious dinning arrangement clearly made more space in our heart to love the decor of this place.


The arrangements made by the place was warm enough to enjoy the best of nawabi style of cooking. We had a very nice hospitable person serving us. We had:

  • Mutton Seekh Kebab- 6 kebabs which were coated with butter were served with served with Pudina Chutney. Mutton Seekh Kebabs were cooked to perfection. It was super delicious.IMG_20171016_150319.jpg
  • Fish Tikka- 6 Pieces of Basa fish fillets served with Pudina Chutney and Salad. Fish Tikka were tender and juicy. It had the perfect combination of softness with smokiness. Fish Tikka tops my chart and would love to have this every single time I come here.IMG_20171016_151007.jpg
  •  Murgh Musallam- It is considered as a gourmet dish in Moghul cuisine and is said to be the favourite dish of Muhammad-bin-Tughluq. The whole chicken carefully stuffed with egg and cooked for a long period of time. The whole process it a time taking an a very skillful task. We were served this amazing dish and by all magnitudes it is worth the time and effort. The dish has a rich taste resembling the awadhi style of cooking. The mouth watering dish will definitely leave a lasting effect in your mind. India Restaurant is one of the few places where you can call in 2 hours in advance to have this amazing dish. Elsewhere its around 6 hours.IMG_20171016_150530.jpg
  • Mutton awadhi biryani – It was served in a clay pot with 4 pieced of Mutton. The portion was enough for 3 people. Once the seal of the pot of removed, it fills the atmosphere with the aroma of the Biriyani. It has a very nice and rich flavour due to the use of special spices. If you are visiting India Restaurant Mutton Awadhi Biryani is a must try.IMG_20171016_153544.jpg
  • Chicken afghani & Butter Nan- Chicken julienne in a semi thick curry rich in spices, had capcicum and was seasoned with chopped coriander. Delicious to taste I had with the butter nan. Butter Nan had enough butter and was not at all chewy so it was the way one expects it to be.IMG_20171016_150943.jpg
  • Phirni- It is a rice based dessert which also another speciality Moghul cuisine. It was creamy and smooth. The flavours were phenomenal and it was the perfect way to end my gastronomic venture.IMG_20171016_152831.jpg

    The staff is courteous and the service is very prompt. Big ups for such polite behaviour. The food is just heavenly. The only way to define the food and the decor of this place is every thing is so grand. I would love to come here again and try the other varieties of biriyani. All the dishes I had are worth having as many times i visit here.

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Amazing Hospitality @ Asia House

Craving for some oriental cuisine, Asia House is the destination you need to head to. We went there for a grand food experience. We were around 22 people and I must say the small team of Asia House was able to cater to us with ease and a smile on their face.

We had:

  • Spicy Lemon Burnt Garlic Soup
  • Lemon Coriander Soup
  • Asia House Special Dumplings
  • Pan Tossed Chicken With Smoked Chillies And Peanuts
  • Asian Barbequed Fish
  • Chilli Garlic Noodles
  • Khao Pad Kratiem
  • Pla Pad Kraprow
  • Hong Kong Sweet And Spicy Chicken
  • Roasted Chilli Pork
  • Darshaan with Ice cream

I had an amazing experience at this place and the service was remarkable. It was the perfect bijoya one could have.

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Friday Night @ Afra Tafari

We wanted to go for a place with good food and great music on a Friday Night. Turns out most of the places were either over crowded or they don’t normally serve good food. We thought of going to Afra Tafri with our expectations low but what was yet to come was beyond my imagination.

The had absolutely great music and great food. We had Chocolate Fondue and Cheese Chilly Meltz. The Chocolate Fondue is one of my favourites here. I can have it every single day it was so amazing.

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Saveur Sweet @ Satish Chandra Das

Kolkata being the City of Joy is the Sweetest of all metro cities. It has sweetness engraved into all its occasions. The city has to serve the best sweet meat to its sweet loving citizens. Satis Chandra Das Sweet Shop or better know as Satish Moira is one such Sweet shop which has been there for quite a few decades now. It has been constantly making the best efforts to bring about change in its line of sweets.

One such commendable sweet is the GST- Great  Sweet Taste. It has 3 layers primarily made out of channa.  With the introduction of Goods & Service Tax, Satish Moira introduced GST sweets. The sweets were selling like hot cakes in MISHTI FESTIVAL at City Center 2.

Other than GST we tried Chocolate Misti & Sweet Shots.

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Puja Special Menu @ China Wok

I am glad to have found this a hidden gem. It serves amazing oriental cuisines. It is truly a delight to all chinese cuisine lovers. It is a small little place situated near Gariahat Triangular Park. Has 2 sections, the first floor mainly comprising of the kitchen area and the second floor has a dine in area with tables. The table we sat on we were able to overlook upon the street. The place is pretty well lit up and has a few quote-based posters.

We had Coriander Soup, Prik Kai Sot Sai Thod Chicken, Diced Chicken, Kai Gra Tiem, Pia Pad Pak, Khao Pad Kratiem, Chicken Chilli Garlic Noodles, Roasted Chili Pork, Mixed Wok Tossed Hakka Noodles and Ice Cream Sandwich. Food is amazing in this place. This place is a must visit during pujas if you are around Gariahat area.

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Luncheon at Rozario’s

Kurry Klub had a very special place in my heart for its delicious cheese fondue. It was very  upsetting to a large number over people who had some amazing moments there. But we were happily surprised to know that the reins of the restaurant was handed over to the grand daughter.She did a commendable work at revamping the place. Giving everything a modernised approach.We were invited for a special luncheon at Rozario’s.

The place is situated in Sarat Bose road opposite Dosa Twist. The place has the ascents of a very well decorated. A lot of attention to detail has been put in designing the interior of the place. Monochrome walls with a subtleness of yellow complementing the mix of colours. As the place serves food from around the world you will find a huge map overhead once you enter.

We had:

  • Balinese Chicken Satay- this is minced lemongrass and chicken wrapped over long bundled steaks of lemongrass. The fusion of the flavours was much to my liking.
  • Paneer wrapped in noodle Satay – Paneer wrapped with spicy noodles filling your palate with all the flavours one can ask for. It was served with dal makhni but I found it better off as an individual satay.


  • Veg seekh kebab – It was made out of chickpea and was accompanied with sweet chilli mayo which was the perfect dip to compliment the dish. The dish was not on the menu and we just did an early food tasting before it bakes it to the menu. Veg sheekh kebab was a bit dry for my mouth.


  • Pescado en Cilantro with Basil – A mexican dish served with fish and prawn prepared in tangy sauce served with basil rice. Tinch of basil to rice gave a very refreshing essence and is the perfect way to compliment associated sea food.
  • Salsa Salsiccia – Spaghetti pasta served with homemade pork sausage giving it the refined taste. Pork sausage were given in good portions.


  • Ice Cream Tacos – Ice Cream squeezed in between taco shaped wafer. It was a unique offering at Rozario’s. Certainly as sweet end to my meal.

We had a nice experience. The food was amazing. Would love to come here again for Balinese Chicken Satay, Salsa Salsiccia and Ice Cream Tacos.

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The Milee Droog Cafe Story

I wanted to visit place for quite this place for quite some time now but I was not getting the scope to visit this place. After a long wait I visited this place with a close friend. Food is decent out here its not the special. We had crab salad and Blueberry Mojito.

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Phuchka ar Adda

The streets of Kolkata are filled with phuchka wallas, every neighbourhood atleast has one. It seems more like a fundamental right of everyone living in Kolkata to have a phucka walla in the hood. To get the perfect flavours you need to do a lot of searching around various hoods – someone makes Dahi Phuchka as per your liking while someone else makes the perfect Ghugni Phuchka. The opnions these phuchka vendors tend to offer is pretty limited. And as time passes on we come across various phuchka wallas someone serving 17 varieties of phuchka. But what I was looking for is some place where you can chill on a hot summer day and devour on the gol gappas. My search ended when I came across this place called Phuchka Parlour and what crazier is that they serve around 25 varieties of veg/non veg Phuchkas on and off the menu.

Phuchka Parlour is in a peaceful residential neighbourhood of golf green. To reach this place we took the lane from lords more towards Golf Green and it is near the golf green auto stand. This place has a sitting capacity of 12-15 people and what is crazier is that you can enjoy you phuchka in this air conditioned place while the peppy playlist plays your favourite tunes.

We were invited to check out this place, invitation courtesy Tanmay Basak. The owner of this place Ishita, who is in her early twenties, shared her journey with us. She pictured about this places years ago during her high school. The recipes have very carefully put up by her with the help of her close friends. She took a leap of faith to set up this beautiful place and have achieved to create an incredible place with the little resources she had. A café for phuckas is a modern approach to the best treats of childhood.

This place is primarily focuses on phuchkas but it has incorporated variety of dishes in its menu to have something for everyone’s mood – frech fries, pizza, salads, desserts, chaats etc. We tried a variety of phuchkas and chaats.

Alphanso Phuchka – The crunchy wholesome puffed balls with the sweet and tangy taste of Mango syrup with the spicy hot mix of red chilly just set my expectations sky high for this place.


Blue Lagoon Chat ***– This place just gave traditional papri chaat an extra kick with the use of blue lagoon syrup. The perfect mix of sweet tamarind chutney with blue lagoon syrup over Papri chaat. This chaat defiantly tops the chart.


Mayo Magic Classic ***- This is innovation at its best. Mayo over Phuchka is an out of the world kind of combination giving Phuchka an international appeal. The creamy mayo over crispy phuchka with red chilli powder carefully sprinkled over it makes for an amazing spicy creamy phuchka.


Katori Chaat ***- These are 2 semi circular edible bowl made out of the semolina. It is filled with spicy mashed potatoes topped with sweet curd, tamarind chutney and pudina chutney and sprinkled with sev and peanuts. These looked delectable and were wonderful to taste. It reflects the rich taste indian chaats comprise of.


Super Spicy Classic – After having some amazing off beat phuchkas & chaats it was time to have the classic phuchka. This was the traditional spicy version of the phuchka we get in our hood. A rather good portion of the filing inside the phuchka and tangy tamarind mix water for 6 pieces of phuchka.


Shahi Chicken phuchka ****– Oh yes things got way interesting, and much to my liking when Shahi Chicken phuchka was presented. The unique combination of shredded chicken in phuchka topped with spicy sauce is a must try for all the non-vegetarian phuchka lovers.


Dragon’s Kiss Ice Cream Phuchka **– Phuchka Parlour does it again they did make sure to touch base everything your palate needs. Dragon’s kiss is the perfect spicy ice cream to go with the rest of the dishes on the menu. The cool sweetness of ice cream with the spicy spices inside the stuffed phuchkas made the perfect sweet ending to our appetite.


The small and tight knit team of this place has been working really hard to bring about some amazing discoveries with some creative ingredient ideas have a different take on every recipe they make in this place. This place has been doing all the right things the right way and it is very much underrated it deserves much more recognition than it has. I would love to try all the different kinds of phuchka offerings of this place. I am amazed by the uniqueness of all the dishes of this place. Its menu has it all, I felt like the Mayo magic would be a magical starter, Shahi phuchka and Katori chaat the ideal main course, and Drangon’s Kiss is an innovative dessert.

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Dinner @ Mamagoto

We went to Mamagoto for a family dinner. The interior of this place is amazing. What is more amazing is the food. I have heard a lot of good things about the good out here and I must agree food of this place truly speaks for itself.

We had

  • Pan Fried Chicken Noodles with Cantonese Sauceh
  • Pan Fried Chicken Noodles with Black Bean Sauce
  • Chicken with Bamboo Shoot and Schezwan Sauce
  • Schezwan Chicken Fried Rice

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